Fresh heat - South London Ordnance

I’d love to have detailed information to share about South London Ordnance but I simply can’t get hold of any!  I discovered their music during a last night Soundcloud foray and was instantly excited by the brooding, bass heavy, distinctly UK sounding house music that came from the speakers.

So I contacted this clandestine producer for information to include in a post.  The reply came but SLO is staying tight lipped for now!  What I can divulge is he/she is from South London as you’d expect and releases are coming in 2012. I also suspect he/she is connected in some way to Lo Note UK. Although that’s just a personal hunch.  I expect we’ll be hearing more for SLO though. Especially when DJ’s like Mosca are already dropping their tracks in guest mixes for Mary Ann Hobbs on Xfm.

South London Ordnance - Slow Dance (Unreleased)

South London Ordnance - Chase Scene (Unreleased)

South London Ordnance - Crows Nest (Unreleased) [Mosca Guest Mix For Mary Anne Hobbes on XFM]

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